photo by jenna putnam

photo by jenna putnam

slip is the musical project conceived by taylor brown, an artist from los angeles who has been making music in indie rock bands for a decade. 


this music is his own —  the inevitable result of taylor quietly experimenting by himself for all those years. what we have now is the beginning of a project that sounds both dangerous and hopeful — dusty, ominous trip-hop animated by pulsing psychedelia; basslines that stick to deep grooves like peanut butter; all buoyed by a constantly on-the-brink narrative.


taylor has finished his debut album titled 'the cost,' co-produced and mixed by jules de gasperis and mastered by howie weinberg. slip has previously released that album's first single "head on backwards," and will release "the patient" on july 2, 2018. 


"In fact, the single, which builds from a shimmering synth track to a full-on rocker with a deep groove, features the guitar work of Andrew Martin of Moon Honey. At the crescendo, Brown rants about a topsy-turvy world where heads are buried in the sand and 'information is compromised.' As double negatives go, 'I can’t unsee my feed enough,' is brilliant, and the truth."

—Kevin bronson,

"Synth-laden and matched with quick step beats and math-rocky guitarwork, and hushed, often semi-spoken vocals; ‘Head On Backwards’ finds its own space, simultaneously radiating a mellow aura and energetic pulse as it builds to a huge crescendo of full-blown sound. A relentless and infectious mover bursting with vitality – this is one of those tunes that encourages you, nay compels you to dance."

"'Head on Backwards'...has a sophistication that sets the track apart from the collective work from the genre."

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